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  1. Deborah

    Such great points. We’ve always tried to keep a handle on kids activities by having one sport/club at a time. I tend to get overwhelmed so I have to keep up on organizing and prioritizing and that can help.

    • Shelley Merchant

      Hi Deborah! Kid’s activities can become overwhelming very quickly and the pressure to have them involved in everything is definitely there. Personally, I think kids need unscheduled time as much as the rest of us do. Besides, how else are they going to learn to dream and use their imagination if every single minute is already plotted out for them?

  2. Colleen @ Life on Kaydeross Creek

    I love this Shelley. I started doing some of these things (saying no to things, mostly) a few years ago when I just couldn’t breathe anymore with all the “things” happening everyday. It’s funny that when you ask people how they are doing, they say “busy”.

    • Shelley Merchant

      Hi Colleen! You’re so right about “busy” being the automatic response when asked how someone is doing. It’s like there is some prize being given and we’re all competing for it. I hope you’ll come visit again soon.

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